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Great Selection of Decorative Shelving. Free Shipping Over $50*! Shop Decorative Shelves You'll Love! Top Brands That Stay on Budget Don't miss out on the stuff you love! Download the new Opera browser today Normally, closing a MacBook's lid while it's charging will output to the external display only. Opening the lid switches it back into dual-monitor mode. Instead, the computer will go to sleep. Let it shut itself off. Once it's done, wait a couple seconds and click the mouse. Keep doing that until the computer wakes up. If everything has worked, it'll only wake up the external display

For now, I am absolutely convinced that the Macbook thinks it should be outputting only to an external display - you can do this on fully working Macbooks by attaching an external monitor, putting it to sleep by closing the lid, and with the lid closed wake it up with an external usb mouse. How to get it out of that mode is the question Apple: Use only external Monitor on MacBook Pro. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. Up next in 8 Connect You MacBook with the power cable (charger). Connect with external Keyboard + mouse. Turn the MacBook lid down. Now click keyboard buttons. Now you are using only your external display, your cursor will not go into your other display. There is only one display.. However, with the new M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, users can still attach external displays to the laptops, but unfortunately the number of displays have been reduced to just one. According to Apple, the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro will only support a single 6K 60Hz display like the Apple Pro Display XDR To find out how many external displays your Mac supports, check its technical specifications: Choose Apple menu  > About This Mac. Click the Support tab. Click Specifications. On the webpage that appears, the number of displays your Mac supports appears under Video Support or Graphics

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Connect your external display or projector to the appropriate port on your Mac. Use an Apple video adapter if necessary. Some external displays have a USB cable that needs to be connected to your Mac. After your Mac notebook's desktop appears on the external display, close your computer's lid. You might have to press a key or click your mouse to wake the external display I'm still not satisfied with what i'm trying to accomplish here. i have two external monitors along with my macbook monitor. i'm trying to have the two external monitors mirror eachother and have my macbook monitor be my main desktop. independent from my two external monitors. More Less. Oct 12, 2014 2:10 AM Reply Helpful. Thread reply - more options. Link to this Post; Question marked as.

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While that's impressive, the M1 MacBook Pro and MacBook Air do not officially support more than one external monitor at any given time. The M1 Mac mini does support two external monitors — one over HDMI and another over its Thunderbolt 4 port. Since the M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro only feature Thunderbolt 4/USB-C ports, they do not officially support more than one monitor Wenn du einen Mac mit Apple-Chip benutzt, kannst du ein einzelnes externes Display über einen der Thunderbolt-/USB 4-Anschlüsse am Mac anschließen. Mit Docks kannst du keine zusätzlichen Displays als erweiterten Schreibtisch verbinden. An de MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13-inch, and Mac Mini systems using the new Apple M1 chip support only a single external display over the Thunderbolt 3 ports, even when connected to a Thunderbolt 3 docking station or adapter with more than one video output. This limitation also applies to using multiple Thunderbolt or Type C display adapters on both Type C ports. This is not a limitation of StarTech.

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  1. Once you connect MacBook to monitor, you can choose to shut its lid to make the external monitor your only display. This will keep your MacBook powered on and awake - just remember to make sure it's connected to a power source, or is throughput charging via the monitors connected to power. You will have the same options and settings
  2. If macOS doesn't recognize your external display automatically, you can try to force the connection using macOS's Detect Displays feature: 1. Select the Apple logo in your Mac's menu bar. 2
  3. But the latest models of the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro support only one external display. Apple has apparently promised to fix the problem in a future update of macOS 11 Big Sur
  4. The only device that supports more than one native display is the M1 Mac Mini. Even so, it only supports two external monitors (probably because it doesn't have its own integrated display included). For any other M1 device, users will need to get a little creative if their desk setups used more than one external monitor
  5. Use an external display with your MacBook Pro. The Thunderbolt ports on your MacBook Pro support video output. You can use an external display, a projector, or an HDTV with your MacBook Pro. Connect a VGA display or projector: Use a USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter to connect the display or projector to a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) port on your MacBook Pro
  6. Apple officially states that the current M1 range of MacBooks do not work with two external displays, but I thought I would test anyway.The two displays in t..
  7. My Mac, all of a sudden, cannot connect with my external display monitor. I spent a few hours troubleshoot and FINALLY my screen is back. Below are 5 resolutions from my research and testing

I have a MacBook Pro 2016 (with Thunderbolt 3 ports on macOS 10.13.6) and I need an external display. I bought an ASUS VP28U (4K), connected it with an HDMI to USB-C adapter and, generally, it works. The problem is that everything is super-small, I guess because of the 4K external monitor macbook pro 15 2016 samsung Sort by reaction score; Did you order new AirTags? We've opened a dedicated AirTags forum. Forums. Macs. Notebooks. MacBook Pro . I. imaspeedie macrumors newbie. Original poster. Nov 25, 2020 2 0. Nov 25, 2020 #1 Hey everyone, I have a 2016 MBP 15 running 10.14.4 and a new Samsung 28 UR55 monitor. My current setup is my monitor connected via HDMI. Use iMac as External Monitor for PC/MacBook via Target Display Mode Target display mode is the hidden feature in iMac, which you can mirror PC or other Mac models into iMac for large screen. For using the iMac as the external display, you should prepare what is as following

The Mac now uses the external monitor as the primary monitor, keeping the laptop in shell mode; Whichever method you switch to clamshell mode, your Mac laptop works this way with the lid closed. Clamshell mode works with any modern Mac laptop, including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook, and virtually all versions of MacOS and Mac OS X, including MacOS Mojave 10.14, High Sierra, macOS X El. Well, Apple crippled non-Mac GPUs to only be able to run at 2.5 Gbps lane speed. This gimpy connection effectively makes the graphics card run at 16x PCIe 1.1, which is close to 4x PCIe 3.0. The important takeaway is the performance loss when you use an eGPU without an external display. Using an eGPU setup with an external display in macOS yields at least 30% higher performance than feeding. 4. Use the second monitor only on a Mac. If you want to operate your Mac notebook while using an external monitor instead of the built-in display, you can use the closed-display mode

In diesem Fall (siehe Bild) steht der externe Monitor links vom MacBook. Diese Anordnung ist wichtig, damit Sie mit der Maus intuitiv von Monitor zu Monitor fahren können. Wollen Sie die Menüleiste auf dem externen Monitor sehen, zum Beispiel weil dieser eine höhere Auflösung bietet als Ihr MacBook, ziehen Sie die Menüleiste einfach mit der Maus an die gewünschte Stelle. Über die Option. With the new M1 MacBook Pro and Air models, they now only support one external display natively. The only way to setup multiple external displays with M1 MacBook Pro and Air right now, is to use an official DisplayLink based Docking Station. DisplayLink docks use the available bandwidth on the latest USB 4 (USB-C) ports on these M1 MacBook's and allow for multiple external displays along.

The Boom Volume Booster Enhances System Volume Beyond Limits. Download Boom 3D and Experience Sound Like Never Befor Question: Q: Using only external display with a macbook. I'm trying to use an external display with a macbook 2017 with the lid closed, but when I close the lid the macbook goes to sleep and the external monitor disconnects. Nothing happens clicking an external keyboard. What can I do to use an external display with the lid down on the laptop. More Less. MacBook, macOS 11.2 Posted on May 2.

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MacBook - How to disable the Macbook internal display and only use the external display on Snow Leopard; MacOS - External display on MacBook Pro Retina (Mountain Lion) remains blank after screen timeout or waking up from sleep; MacOS - How to turn off an external display without disconnectin But I definitely can't use my Mac when it's closed, I can't access my keyboard, and I don't want to connect an external keyboard or pay a lot of money to get a useless Apple Keyboard since I have a MacBook. My question is: Can I show the Mac's screen only on the external monitor and still use all the handy functions on my Mac? Thank you I can tell by looking at the computer's Display list that the LCD screen isn't recognized at all -- the only display listed is the external one. Furthermore, when I press F1 and F2, as you would to adjust the LCD brightness, no onscreen graphic appears. And finally, when I close my laptop, the computer doesn't go to sleep like it usually would -- it remains functioning with the external display

OK, I see the menu bar is on both the MacBook Pro 13 (2018) display and my external display using Big Sur 11.2 here at work. Don't know why the menu bar only show up on on the main display of my. If you have access to a USB or Bluetooth keyboard & mouse. Restart your system and then close the lid so the lid sensor acknowledges the lid is closed your external display should automatically become the primary display. If this fails you may have something deeper here than just a messed up LCD. - MacBook Pro 15 Retina Display Mid 201

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If reseating the cable doesn't work it sounds like it would be a new Display being that it is working on an external monitor. 03/30/2017 by Daniel Mason. Yes, unfortunately I think that would be the only option :(03/30/2017 by Gigabit87898. Hi, thank you for the comments! I have some update. When I hold a flashlight at the apple logo on the back of the display I can see video. This tells me. The external monitor stays in powersave mode. I've tried connecting an external USB keyboard (Via USB-c adapter) to see if Cmd+F1 would enable mirror mode and enable the external monitor, with no luck. I've tried closing the lid while the keyboard and monitor are attached, again with no luck. Is there any way to get the machine to use the external display prior to logging in? Update: I was.

When I made the leap to a MacBook, I had only one external display port — so I could only run one external monitor. That's been OK for the most part. My external monitor was a big Dell 24″ widescreen running at 1920×1200 resolution. I'd usually use it for running my Windows XP installation on my MacBook up above with my Mac. This only works with when the MacBook is connected to an external display, so start there. Tip 1: Use The Terminal Don't be afraid - launch Terminal app and type or paste the following code in Apple says in its tech specs the M1 MacBook Air and 13-inch MacBook only support up to 1 external display up to 6K at 60Hz. And the Mac mini up to 1 6K at 60Hz over USB-C/Thunerbolt and 1 display. Findige Bastler legen an die passende Stelle einen Magneten, der dem Macbook vorgaukelt, dass das MacBook geschlossen sei, damit nur der externe Monitor benutzt wird, aber die Kühlung weiter gut funktioniert. Da man nie weiß, was der Magnet vielleicht sonst noch so stört rate ich davon aber ab, es sei denn man weiß ganz genau wie stark er sein soll und wo er liegen muss, damit das.

Luna, the company who offer an accelerated hardware/software solution for using an iPad as a second monitor for your Mac has announced they now offer the option to use your Mac as a second monitor. So if you have a second Mac spare then you can use Mac - iPad or Mac to Mac The MacBook Air with an M1 processor can connect only a single external display at a time, in parallel with the internal display. It supports up to 6K at 60Hz so monitors like the Pro Display XDR. Faculty, students, and staff can connect a MacBook to a projector or external display via HDMI cable. Users can also change the settings for the connection like audio, resolution adjustment, and the display. Connecting to a Projector. When connecting a MacBook to a classroom system via an HDMI cable, you will need to tell your computer to output the sound through the HDMI output. To do so.

Shop displays and mounts that fit your Mac. Hold your Mac with stands and docks. Buy online with fast, free shipping Single Cable, Dual External Displays. The only Apple supported method for running two traditional external displays (HDMI, DisplayPort, Mini DisplayPort, DVI or VGA), in addition to power and data, with a single connection to a MacBook is by using specific models of Thunderbolt 3 tethered docking stations OS X normally handles display resolution and scaling quite well automatically, but those using external displays (particularly third-party displays) may wish to manually select their own resolution Use an external display with your MacBook Air. The USB-C ports on your MacBook Air support video output. You can use an external display, a projector, or an HDTV with your MacBook Air. Connect a VGA display or projector: Use a USB-C VGA Multiport Adapter to connect the display or projector to a Thunderbolt / USB 4 port on your MacBook Air. Connect an HDMI display or HDTV: Use a USB-C Digital. External Monitors and MacBooks apple.com. One of the best things you can do for your productivity is to add an external display to your MacBook (if it can handle it). Fortunately, you can opt to use only an external display, but you need a spare keyboard, and a mouse or Magic Trackpad to do so

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For this reason, you can choose different settings for when your laptop is on battery and when it's plugged in. Chances are if you're using an external monitor, you're probably near a power source, so it may be a good idea to only change the close lid behavior when your computer is plugged in In Windows 10 right-click on the desktop and select Display Settings. Where it says Multiple Displays select your external monitor, for me I chose Show only on 2. Check the box make this my main display for the external monitor. When you close the laptop the external screen will turn off but will come back on when you click the mouse. P. By default, the MacBook's screen will be assigned as the primary display - the one where the Dock lives and where applications will open. However, if you're using an external monitor that's. However, the only limitation is that the new M1-based Macs cannot support dual Extended displays through their Thunderbolt 3 ports, Where an Intel Mac can handle 2 external 4K displays, and a single 6K display, in addition to the built-in HDMI. This means that when using the adapter s, users cannot extend their desktop over two displays, and will be limited to either dual Mirrored. If your Mac's external monitor isn't working but you can't find the exact problem above, you still might be able to fix it with the tips below. Tip 1. Update all the software on your Mac. Various pieces of software are involved in making an external monitor work with your Mac. There's your operating software (macOS), the particular app you're using, and firmware built into the.

Most recent MacBook and iMac models only have Thunderbolt 3 ports - in fact, it's only the Mac mini that still includes HDMI - so if you buy a monitor that has HDMI or DisplayPort interfaces then. With a Mac laptop, shut the computer's lid, which may transfer the display to the external monitor. You'll need an external keyboard, too. You'll need an external keyboard, too Sometimes closed-display mode isn't convenient. For instance, I have a 16-inch MacBook Pro connected to a 27-inch LG UltraFine display. If I want the external monitor to act as a True Tone monitor, I have to have the Mac laptop in open-display mode and enable it in the settings Though it's generally recommended to use the 'Default for display' screen resolution option, Mac users who connect their computer to an external display or TV may find it helpful to be able to see, access, and use all possible display resolutions for a particular screen. This can be particularly useful if a display Mis either showing at an incorrect screen resolution, or if you'd like.

While in Target Display Mode, only the keyboard's display brightness, volume, and Target Display Mode key combinations are active. Any other keyboard input will be ignored. USB, FireWire, and inputs other than the keyboard will also be ignored. The Mac being used as the source for the display can't make use of any of the display iMac's features, including the built-in iSight camera. Target. I have been using in external monitor along with my MacBook Air from last few years, I have an early 2015 MacBook Air model. And since I have got two monitors on my desktop which is connected to my Windows PC, sometimes I feel the need for connecting both the monitors to my MacBook Air. Connecting my 24-inch monitor to my MacBook Air boosts my productivity to another level. I can only imagine. Catalina 10.15.14 supposedly improves HDR on external displays and TVs. I updated to 10.15.14 and tested HDR mode. Spoiler: HDR is still shitey for external displays. Catalina 10.15.14 HDR issues: Switching the LG from DP 1.2 to 1.4 to enable HDR while it's connected to the MBP, the display goes black. Unplugging and resetting the power brings the display back on. (Only DP 1.4 supports HDR. How to configure DisplayLink displays on Mac OS X ← Tips and Tricks. When attaching a display that the software has not seen before, the display will default to being extended to the right of the main display. To configure the settings for each of your USB attached displays, select 'Displays' from the 'System Preferences' menu. This will open a 'Display Preferences' window on.

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Second screen only - image will only appear on external display and not on laptop; Windows 10 laptop method #2 . Connect laptop to external display using connection cable; Consult user manual for appropriate cable ; Right-click any empty area of your desktop; Click Display Setting ; Click on the Multiple displays drop-down list; Select one of. If you want to use an external monitor with your MacBook in clamshell mode (but with the screen open), but don't have the peripherals, here's what to do: With your MacBook on and running, plug in your external monitor and turn it on (if the monitor isn't already on). Depending on the way you have your display prefs set, you'll either be in mirror mode or extended desktop mode. If in extended. My monitor, thankfully, powers on every time when connected to my computer. whereas my coworkers Dell monitor will only auto turn on sometimes, other times they have to unplug and plug back into the macOS machine to resend the signal to power on. Tom says: June 15, 2019. @brandon, How is it anyone else's faulty but Apple when these monitors all work fine when anything but a newer Mac is. I've got a 2015 13 MacBook Pro and I'm looking for an external display. Usage: study, develop, some office, some youtube. Multimedia will not be primary use I'm looking to get a 24-27 monitor and evaluating if 1080p is good enough to do the stuff listed before or if I should wait until a..

This command works with quite literally any Mac, whether a MacBook Pro, Air, iMac, whether it's using a built-in or external keyboard, and with any connected secondary display, from an external monitor, a TV, a projector, Apple TV through AirPlay Mirroring, whatever. Use this the next time you need to do a presentation, or watch a movie on a bigger screen, it's super fast SOLUTION: I was able to get the laptop to display only to the monitor when connected by: 1. Turn off computer completely 2. Connect the VGA cable to the laptop (output) and monitor (input) 3. Power on laptop and Immediately close the cover of the laptop completely shut RESOLUTION: By doing these steps the BIOS will boot recognizing the monitor as the main and only output option allowing the.

To turn off your built-in PC display and push everything to your external display, select Second screen only. Step 4: Wait a couple of seconds for the changes to reflect. You should be able to see your current Windows desktop on the external display, and the PC display should be switched off. The steps above outline the simplest and easiest way to turn off the display on your Windows computer. Ich habe mein geliebtes MacBook fallen lassen, jetzt ist das Display kaputt. Eine Reparatur würde fast so viel kosten wie ein neues MacBook. Einen externen Monitor kann ich zwar anschließen. How to Connect an External Monitor to Your Mac. Assuming you have all the right cables, physically adding an external monitor is straightforward: plug it into the right port, and your monitor should mirror whatever is on your MacBook computer. At this point, you'll need to arrange the two displays so you can move from one screen to another.

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Apple is working on a solution, but an app may fix the M1 Mac external ultra-wide display problems that some users are experiencing. By Alan Truly Published Dec 24, 2020. Share Share Tweet Email. 0. Comment. There seems to be some software issue in macOS that is affecting the use of an external display on Apple's new M1 Mac computers. It appears to be intermittent for many, making. MacBook - How to disable the Macbook internal display and only use the external display on Snow Leopard. display macbook pro snow leopard. Preferably without having to reboot etc, use magnets, or open/close the lid + waking it via USB peripherals I would like to have my MacBook display in projector only mode. Ideally, I'd like to be able to move already-on MacBook from the lounge to my. However, for users who need two or more external displays on a MacBook, MacBook Air, or pre-Retina Display MacBook Pro and find the lag time demonstrated above to be unacceptable (those interested in gaming, video playback, or video editing, for example), but who do not want to consider a Retina Display MacBook Pro (perhaps because they find the relative lack of internal upgrade options a.

When I plugged the DVI cable back into the Macbook, the external monitor turned on to a blank gray screen. So I turned off the Macbook, put the hard drive back in, and then pressed power to turn. I use it with an external dell 24 ultra sharp display when im at my desk, although i could happily work only on the macbook display. The 5k display on the iMac is awesome though! 1 point . Alejandro Hernandez, over 6 years ago. I have a 13in retina, macbook pro and two Dell 24in one horizontal and one vertical (mainly for reading and for coding). Both at home and at work. 1 point . Maciej.

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Best External Monitor for MacBook Pro: What to Consider. Size. Monitors come in many different sizes. Some people will want something smaller and a bit more manageable, while other users will prefer a large screen. I personally recommend getting one that's at least 20 inches. That may seem quite large, but external monitors are made to increase your original display. If you get one that's. In the case of external display issues with your Mac, it's also a good idea to check out the resolution and Refresh rate parameters. Click on > System Preferences > Display and use 1024×768 as a start. External Display Flickering/blinking issues with macOS Catalina. If you are using an adapter in your external display setup that is connected to your displays via HDMI/USB-C connectors. How to use an iMac as an external monitor for a MacBook. April 26, 2020 by tmnsoon Leave a Comment. If you have an older iMac sitting around then you may have wondered if it can be used as an external display. There used to be a feature on iMacs called Target Display Mode, and while it unfortunately doesn't exist on newer iMacs, some models made in 2014 or prior do have it. This. Apple USB-C Only Laptops With Apple laptops that have only USB-C support built-in such as the 2015, 2016 and 2017 MacBook models (notice the absence of the 'Pro' designation and hence the lack of Thunderbolt 3 support) the options are more limited. A MacBook with only a USB-C port is limited to a maximum of one external display MacBook Air mit [email protected]. Was das MacBook Air angeht, versprechen Apples technische Spezifikationen den Betrieb eines externes Display. Das maximal unterstütze Bildformat gibt Apple mit.

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Another option is Duet Display, which offers Mac to Mac and PC support for use as external displays. Along with wireless support, Duet Display works with wired setups too. FTC: We use income. Mirror or set up monitor as a second / separate screen in your Mac, MacBook, iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pr As I said, the easiest way to hook up an external monitor or a TV to your MacBook would be to run an HDMI cable from either a monitor or TV directly to your Mac, but that's usually only an.

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However, the only limitation is that the new M1-based Macs cannot support dual Extended displays through their Thunderbolt 3 ports. This means that when using any dock, users cannot extend their desktop over two displays, and will be limited to either dual Mirrored displays or 1 external display depending on the dock The only thing that's holding me back from selling my old MacBook Pro is that the iPad can't take advantage of external monitors. In theory, you can plug your iPad Pro to an external monitor. For example, if you have a MacBook Pro 13″ hooked up to a larger external display, and you want the external display with it's higher resolution to become the primary display, and your MacBook Pro with it's smaller resolution to become the secondary display. This is just a matter of settings adjustments and it only takes a minute to configure, though it's not particularly obvious at. I use an external monitor with my laptop, and if you do too, there's a keyboard shortcut you should learn— Command-F1.This nifty little combo will turn display mirroring off and on, so if you. Search titles only. By: Search Advanced search New posts. Menu Log in Register Forums. macOS. Running Windows on your Mac. No external display with bootcamp. Thread starter rexcsmith; Start date Jan 4, 2018; R. rexcsmith Member. Joined Jan 4, 2018 Messages 11 Reaction score 0 Points 1. Jan 4, 2018 #1 I've installed bootcamp/Windows 10 on my High Sierra MacBook Pro. Windows 10 will not.

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This wikiHow teaches you how to connect a MacBook Air to an external monitor. You can connect your computer with an HDMI cable, or using AirPlay. Once you have your devices connected, you can adjust the display settings and set the monitor up as an extended or primary display. Steps . Method 1 of 6: Using AirPlay to Connect to a Monitor. 1. Connect your monitor and MacBook to the same Wi-Fi. Connect the external display to the Mac if it's not connected already; Pull down the Apple menu, and choose 'System Preferences' Go to Displays Under the 'Display' tab, hold down the OPTION key and click on the Scaled button to reveal the Refresh Rate options for that display; Some displays may even show the refresh rate drop-down menu options without having to hold. Even if you have that large, lovely 16-inch Macbook Pro, that one monitor is not always enough for all the incredible things you'd like to do and see with your computer.If you're looking for the best monitor for Mac, you've come to the right place. Your best bet is the MSI Optix display, thanks to its versatility and price. It's perfect for most people, though there are other monitors better.

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The redesigned resolution and scaling options pane in System Preferences on the new MacBook Pro with Retina Display may be appropriate for the 2880x1800-pixel resolution of the new 15.4-inch retina display, but it often presents counterintuitive options for the resolution of external monitors Even if you're a huge MacBook fan, from time to time you may still miss the larger screen available to your typical desktop computer.. While you could purchase an external monitor and connect it to your Mac, if you happen to have an old iMac lying around, then why not save yourself some money, by repurposing your old iMac instead?. In this article, I'll show you how to setup your old iMac. MacBook Pro 16″ 2019 und 34WK95U-W kommen bei mir seit etwas mehr als einem Jahr zum Einsatz. In der vollen Monitor Auflösung 5120 x 2160. In der vollen Monitor Auflösung 5120 x 2160

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With the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air already sporting 2,560 x 1,600 high-resolution panels, an external 1080p resolution monitor is not a bad choice, either. While you won't get the most pixels. Best USB-C/Thunderbolt displays for Mac: 32-inch and larger LG 32UL950-W. This is LG's UltraFine 32-inch display that includes a solid feature set like two Thunderbolt 3 ports plus two USB-A. Apple M1: Bis zu sechs Bildschirme an MacBook und Mac mini anschließen Mac Mini mit Apple M1 (11/2020), Bild: Apple. Apple selbst gibt an, dass man am MacBook Air und MacBook Pro maximal ein. The M1 MacBooks are limited to only one external display. Can I use a Mac Mini with my iMac monitor? While prior Mac Mini models had some workarounds to get a Mac Mini running on an iMac monitor. If a MacBook Pro is your primary computer, you're probably going to want a big-screen monitor for your desktop. These are some of the top-rated options compatible with Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C, in.

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